Commitment to Sustainability

We attach a great deal of value to respect for the environment. We show our commitment by actively participating in the protection of the environment, in the following ways:

Increasing awareness among our guests:

We meet the ‘green’ needs of our guests and inspire them to help us work towards a better world. Because our guests can also make a contribution during their stay, by making conscious choices in a number of areas.

  • Changing towels / bed linen in guest rooms on request
  • We serve ECO-certified coffee and Tea from Lavazza & JING Tea
  • We serve various organic products for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Our menus include local and seasonal products
  • We do not use plastic bottles & single-use plastic in our restaurants

Reducing our impact on the environment:

We aim to reduce our CO2 emissions by taking a variety of measures:

  • We prefer local suppliers where possible
  • We encourage waste separation
  • MALIN+GOETZ amenities collection – high-end skincare brand from New York City that uses natural and gentle ingredients
  • We encourage means of transport with a lower environment impact
  • We use non-toxic or environmentally approved eco-labelled cleaning products, papers and environmentally friendly amenities
  • We contribute to a reduction of the release of chemical substances by using a dosage system for cleaning products

Reducing energy consumption:

We conduct daily measurements of our gas and electricity use by the following measures:

  • We aim to adjust our equipment, technical installations and operating methods to make them as efficient as possible
  • We conduct preventative maintenance to ensure electrical equipment functions efficiently
  • We encourage improvements to technical facilities and favours equipment with low energy consumption
  • All hotel room use energy savers. This means lights, heating and air conditioning can only be turned on when the room is occupied
  • Exterior lights operate on various timers
  • A high-yield central heating system
  • A building management system to regulate the heating and cooling of various areas of the hotel
  • Automatic and efficient temperature settings for various areas of the hotel

Reducing water consumption:

To maintain awareness of our water usage, we monitor and record our water consumption on a daily basis. The following actions help us minimize our water consumption:

  • We implement water-saving measures in hotel rooms and public areas for showers, baths, toilets, and taps.
  • We have installed motion detectors for our urinals to further reduce water usage

Reducing waste:

The following measures help us to reduce waste:

  • We use glasses instead of plastic cups in bathrooms
  • We separate the following waste products: cardboard, paper, glass, small chemical waste (broken lamps, batteries, and paints), electrical equipment, deep frying fat, ink cartridges and toners, plastic foil and kitchen swill
  • We collaborate with certified organizations to ensure the proper collection and processing of this waste
  • We reduce the packaging of our fresh products by promoting reusable or returnable packaging
  • We optimize the management and use of stocks and raw materials
  • We support and join regional available recycling programs
  • Waste volume/weight and reduction goals are specified, recorded and monitored by our GAIA 2.0 system

Encouraging Social Commitment:

We promote the ACCOR Group commitments to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in different ways:

  • We believe that diversity in our operations is crucial to realizing our quality targets, including diversity in professions, cultures, and career path
  • We provide various training opportunities and personalized development to encourage staff growth and internal promotions
  • We safeguard our staff’s safety and wellbeing by maintaining a healthy and incident-free work environment
  • We support local and national organizations through financial contributions and by sharing our expertise
  • We educate our guests about the history, culture, and environment of the surrounding area, and we work to preserve the historic building we occupy