Mussel Mania

Mussel Mania – starting 5 July every Wednesday 6pm!

July signals the start of the French Bouchot mussel season in Mont-Saint-Michel’ Bay. Join our Mussel Mania at The Enclave with these rich and creamy jewels from the sea and unlimited toasts or French fries!

French Bouchot Mussels are grown on ropes strung from wooden poles in the sea. Safe from predators and without taking on a muddy aroma, resulting in rich and creamy flavour with a delicate blend of sweetness and brine.

Available every Wednesday night from 500g (HK$298+) to 1kg (HK$538+) prepared with either white wine, tomato, blue cheese or Japanese yuzu cream. Mussels will be served with unlimited toasts or French fries. Selected wine at additional HK$198+.